Themis Foundation

      Themis Foundation on Prison Reform

Charitable goals

Themis Electronic Systems BV combines elements of business and charity: we carry out our business with a charitable goal. No less than 30% of our income is reinvested in the penitentiary system through charitable grants, thereby achieving a level of return only equaled by charitable lotteries.

Also, by creating this combination, we have introduced a fully new element into the world of charity: through our business our clients (both penitentiary systems and prisoners and their relatives and friends) help us to pursue our charitable goals, and thus automatically contribute to the goals of the Themis Foundation for Prison Reform. In other words: by making use of our services, you directly sponsor prison reform programs.

Themis Foundation for Prison Reform

Themis Electronic Systems BV is an enterprise that is committed to the improvement of living conditions and the quality of life both for prisoners and staff within the penitentiary system worldwide. In order to put this commitment into practice, we have decided to contribute 30% of our income to a private foundation, Themis Foundation for Prison Reform, that supports and implements projects and activities that focus on

  • The improvement of the quality of life, the living conditions and educational possibilities for prisoners worldwide;
  • The improvement of working conditions for prison personnel;
  • The development of educational programs for both prisoners and prison staff.
  • The development of social contacts of prisoners with family and loved ones, and to further the reintegration of prisoners into society;
  • The lowering of the level of force and social tension within the penitentiary system in in society in general;
  • Counter the violation of rights of prisoners and promote the openness of the penitentiary system

 The Themis Foundation for Prison Reform is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam (registration number 53975448).