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June, 2015

TIC Barcelona 2015

Themis Electronic Systems participate in the Technology in Corrections 2015 conference organized by EuroPris, ICPA and Cep. This two days conference was visited by many countries and all major IT companies working in correctional institutes. We as Themis Electronic Systems presented our great products before a large group of participants

You can read our presentation by clicking this link:

May, 2015

Release of our flyer

A new flyer of our products. Please check out all the benefits when using our system

April, 2015

TES participating Technology in Corrections 2015

Themis Electronic Systems will be present during this event! Very proud to share our fantastic IT solutions to improve social contacts and reducing the walls between prison and society by using our or our World Prison Directory

March, 2015

ICPA supporting our work

We are very pleased and proud that the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) is supporting our work!!

Please go to this link and like the article on the ICPA website. (

In a lot of countries around the world it is not always obvious to provide practical and general information about prison facilities to the public. Therefore Themis Electronic Systems and the Themis Foundation is working on a worldwide prison data bank and community of users to create a better connection between prison facilities and society!

Creating this databank is an ongoing process were you can contribute by providing information about prison facilities around the globe.

The World Prisons Directory (WPD) | ICPA - International Corrections and Prisons Association

January, 2015

TES meeting with ICPA

Last week Themis Electronic Systems meets with the International Corrections and Prisons Association to discuss the development of World Prison Directory