Who are we

Themis Electronic Systems BV is a Netherlands based company that has been set up by a number of professionals who have been active in penitentiary issues for more than a decade. Much of our work has been focused on improving living conditions within the penitentiary system – both for prison staff and prisoners. We have worked in many countries across the globe, e.g. Bulgaria, Georgia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Zambia and on the island of Curacao in the Caribbean.

For prisoners and prison staff…

During these years, we have seen time and again that creating a favorable climate for prisoners immediately greatly improves the working conditions for prison staff, and vice versa, and that creating a socially favorable environment is to the benefit of all. Part of the stress within the penitentiary system is the result of isolation from the outside world. Prisoners are frustrated because of lack of communication with relatives and friends, worries about their future and the future of their loved ones, and uncertainty about what life has in stall. Their frustration is usually expressed in a violent way, resulting in repressive measures and violence on the part of the prison staff. Also, prison staff might take their frustration home, which could lead to e.g. low satisfaction in life and in extreme cases to domestic conflicts and even violence.

Much of these concerns and problems can be taken away by enabling a smooth and frequent communication for prisoners with their loved ones. Ordinary mail is slow, and especially when relatives and friends are abroad communication can become haphazard and more an element of despair than of relief. By establishing an electronic communication channel – yet without prisoners having direct access to modern electronic technology and internet – much of the tension can be relieved, and as a result the atmosphere within the place of detention (and thus the working conditions for staff) can be greatly improved.

Our web-based prison shop, finance management systems and sms-communication channels have the same goals and effects. Through our work, we help penitentiary systems to create a humane environment and create conditions that secure the implementation of both national law and international standards of human rights.

Intergrated systems

Themis Electronic Systems BV is committed to provide penitentiary systems with integrated electronic packages facilitating management of the institution and communication with the outside world. Together with potential clients we make an inventory of the needs and requirements, and offer a tailor-made package that meets all of the local demands.

No cure no pay…

Moreover, we work on basis of the no cure no pay principle: we install a system at no cost and only when satisfaction is guaranteed the client will be invoiced on basis of a previously negotiated contractual agreement. Most of our systems are, on top of that, free of charge and willeven bring income to the penitentiary services that agree to be connected. This income can be returned to the participating penitentiary services though several channels, as chosen by the service itself.